Laravel php artisan make:auth command is not defined

If you are trying to run the command php artisan make:auth on laravel verson 6+ and you are getting command is not defined error. Then this is happening because this command is removed in Laravel version 6. Because laravel development team extracted Laravel view(UI) generation from laravel core application. So this change was done to Laravel(Views) to support popular frontend frameworks. The frontend scaffolding typically provided with previous versions of Laravel has been extracted into a laravel/ui Composer package. You can read more about this in the release document at Laravel 6 Release Note.

In Laravel 6 or above if you want to generate a view(UI) then you have to perform following commands.

Step 1: Create Laravel Project (If you not created yet)

laravel new project-name

then open that folder

cd project-name

Step 2: Install laravel/ui package using composer

composer require laravel/ui

Step 3: Run any one command according to framework you are using.

1. If you want to use bootstrap. Below command will generate HomeController,Auth views, app.blade.php layout file and Bootstrap files.

php artisan ui bootstrap --auth

2. Run following command if you want to use VueJs starter template.

php artisan ui vue --auth

3. Run following command if you want to use React.

php artisan ui react --auth

Step 3:

Don’t forgot to run following two commands

npm install
npm run dev

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