How to Change the Default Screenshot Save Location in macOS Catalina

After the mac’s Mojave version apple improved the options in screenshot tool. But by default in Mac Os Catalina screenshots are saved on your desktop. If you want to change that location then you can do that easily.

Change the Default Screenshot Save Location in MAC OS Catalina

You can open the Screenshot tool by hitting Command+Shift+5

To display more options click on ‘Options’ button

In option menu by default you have following options

  • Desktop: Saves screenshots on your Desktop.
  • Documents: Saves screenshots inside your Documents folder.
  • Clipboard: Use this option to paste screenshot inside a different software like photoshop or any other. This is the cleanest option if you don’t want to create extra files on your computer. Or you can directly paste the screenshots in your web email client like Gmail.
  • Mail: This option will create a new email inside your Default Mail app with the screenshot attached.
  • Messages: This option will open the new message with screenshot attached.
  • Preview: This option will open the screenshot in Preview mode, Where you will have options to edit the screenshot before saving it to disk or copying to the clipboard

Bellow all these option you will find “Other Location” using this option macOS will save your screenshots inside a different folder. Select any folder where you want to save your screenshots. That’s it

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