Kadence Free Theme Add About Box in Sidebar

How To ADD About ME Widget To Kadence WordPRess WEBSITE

If you are running a blog you, then you must show your bio information inside the sidebar of your website with your profile image and button to your about page. In this tutorial we will learn how to add about box in sidebar of the kadence free theme.

If you are using the Kadence FREE or PRO theme for your website then you can add that easily. In this tutorial I will show you how to do that easily.

If you don’t have time to ready this tutorial then you can watch this video

Step 1: Enable sidebar for Single Post Layout

Check if you have sidebar enabled for your single post layout. You can check that from

Appearance => Customize => Posts/Page Layout => Single Post Layout

Then under Default Post Layout settings you will have option to select sidebar layout. You can either select left sidebar or right sidebar layout. In this tutorial we selected right sidebar layout. After selecting the layout click on

sidebar enabled kadence free theme

Step 2: Open Widget settings page

Then to add about me box inside the sidebar you have to visit

Appearance => Widgets

wordpress widgets

Step 3: Add Info Box Block As Widget Inside The Sidebar

After this add Info Box widget inside the Sidebar 1. We are adding widget inside sidebar 1 as this our website’s default sidebar. If you have selected any sidebar as your default sidebar then you have to add widget inside that sidebar.

info box widget sidebar

Step 4: Change text and Add your profile photo

Click on info box widget and it will show info box block settings in right sidebar like this

info box settings
If the settings are not visible to you then. Then click on settings icon at the top right corner of your screen and from the bottom select “Block”

1. Change Profile Photo

To add your photo. Go to media settings of the info box. And change media type to image.

media type change

After that using the “Select Image” option upload your image and select that.

If you want to show a circular image then use these 2 settings for your image. Set your image maximum width to 200px (or what ever you want).

Then inside the image border radius settings add same value as border radius.

image border settings

2. Change Title

To change title of the info box. Click on title and add your own text.

info box title change

3. Change Description or Bio Text

Same like title. Click on the text below the title and add your own text.

description text info box

4. Add Button

To Add button to your info box you have to enable “Learn More Setting”.

After enabling the setting style your button according to your requirements. Here you have options to add background color , text color, hover background color, hover text color,padding, border radius,margin.

button settings

Step 5: Change style of the info box.

You can style info box widget according to your requirements. I will show you some settings which we applied to our info box widget.

1. Add Padding , bottom margin, Border Radius , Background color and Shadow to Info Box Container.

container info box settings

To add shadow to info box block. Scroll down in sidebar settings panel. You will find “Container Shadow” settings.

Enable shadow using this setting. You can have option to add shadow in normal as well as for mouse hover state.

info box shadow settings

2. Title & Text Settings

If you want to change style of Title and Text then you can change that. For our box we are using default theme styles.

info box title settings
Info Box Title Settings
info box text settings

You can style the info box according to your requirements. This is how the info box will look like when you use settings similar to our.

Thanks for your time. If you have any questions or comment for this tutorial then please use comment box to reach out.

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