WordPress 3.3 Sonny Features

Finally On December 12, 2011, WordPress Version 3.3, named for Sonny Stitts, was released to the public. You can download that from wordpress.org or update your existing wordpress installation from wordpress dashboard.

WordPress 3.3 Features

New media uploader

Wordpress 3.3 comes with a new media and file uploader with drag and drop uploading! Which makes life a lot easier if you’re having to upload multiple files at once. New Drag And drop uploader will only work on latest HTML5 compatible browsers.

Improvement In WordPress Dashboard Interface

Wordpress 3.3 Comes with excellent improvements in wordpress dashboards. Features like fly out menu’s, admin bar redesigned.

There are now feature pointers which provide tips around the various WordPress admin screens when there are new features added. These help highlight what’s changed in the new version and give an idea of what the new feature does.

WordPress API Editor

Using WordPress 3.3 plugin develoeprs are able to customize the post editor or even add additional editors. This new feature will add additional functionality to wordpress themes and plugins.

Content Tools

  • Better co-editing that releases post locks immediately
  • Don’t lose widgets when switching themes
  • Tumblr Importer

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