Add Custom Image Headers to your plugins

One good option is added for you if you are a wordpress plugin developer. added custom headers on wordpress plugin pages as part of an experiment, All plugin developers can now customize their plugin page with customized banner image of specified size 772×250 px on top header section of their plugin page.

WordPress developer can now add 772×250 px JPG/PNG banner image or picture on top of their plugin page. To check this feature in action you can check social toolbar plugins page on website.

How to Add Image in WordPress Plugin Page Header

1] Create one 772×250 px sized PNG or a JPG / JPEG image or banner for your wordpress plugin. GIF images are not supported for this image.

2] If you are using windows os then create one directory named ‘assets’ inside your plugins root location at the same level where your trunk directory located and not inside trunk directory.

3] Now rename your banner / picture / Image which you created in first step, rename it to banner-772×250.[jpeg/jpg/png]. And Save that inside “assets” directory which you created in second step.

4] Now right click on assets folder and select TortoiseSVN->Add. This will add both the assets directory and the banner image to your code in the SVN.

5] Wait for 15 minutes to get plugin pages get updated.


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