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I am proud to introduce my next WordPress Plugin, WordPress Gallery Plugin. This is highly customizable plugin was created using Nivo slider which is a jquery slideshow plugin created by dev7studios.

WordPress Gallery Plugin makes it as easy as it could possibly be to create gorgeous sliders for your WordPress powered site. Forget nasty custom fields and image URLs. You can even forget about manually resizing every image before you upload it because wordpress gallery plugin is using timthumb image resize script to auto resize images with dimensions of your choice.





WordPress Gallery Plugin comes with huge list of features. Create separate slideshow for every page or post, and place them anywhere on your WordPress website with ease.

This plugin creates a new shortcode for WordPress. With this new shortcode, you can create a wordpress slideshow just by typing [wpg] while you’re writing your post or page. This will display the images that you have uploaded to the current post or page.


  1. Add Different slider for each post/page with different sets of images.
  2. Over 16 different transitions
  3. TimThumb integration for image resize.
  4. Colorbox Integration for lightbox.


  1. Upload the “wordpress-gallery-plugin” folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Login to your admin section, go to the Plugins section and activate the WordPress Gallery plugin.
  3. You can access the settings page using the Wp Gallery menu item, where you can adjust the default settings for the WordPress Gallery Plugin.

How to use WordPress Gallery Plugin

  1. Start writing a new post or page.
  2. Attach some images to the post/page using the Add Image button. Just upload them and click on “Save All Changes” button don’t insert them inside your post/page content.
  3. To add wordpress gallery in your post/page text, type [wpg], including brackets. Alternatively, add parameters as described below WordPress Gallery Parameters.

4. Publish and view your post/page.

[wpg] shortcode parameters

  1. width Set different width for each gallery
  2. height Set different width for each gallery
  3. effect See all the available effects at Effects.
  4. exclude Default it is set to ‘false’ if you want to exclude some images attached to your post/page then just add image ids separated by comma(,).
  5. border_color Colors are defined using a hexadecimal (hex) values add color values without # e.g. 000000
  6. border_size Set Border size in px like e.g. 5px
  7. link By default it is set to ‘true’ you can set it to false if you dont want anchor tags to your images.
  8. align You can align your gallery using this option available parameter are left,right,center
  9. slices For slice animations you can set this option with total number of slice by default it is set to 15.
  10. boxCols For box animations you can set number of columns
  11. boxRows For box animations you can set number of rows
  12. animSpeed Set Slide transition speed
  13. pauseTime Set How long each slide will show
  14. directionNav value will be true or false to display or hide direction prev next navigation arrows.
  15. directionNavHide Show direction nav only on mouse over value will be true or false
  16. controlNav value will be true or false to display or hide 1,2,3… navigation.
  17. pauseOnHover Stop animation while hovering value is true or false

Some Examples of [wpg] Shortcode

Default Shorcode without parameters


Gallery will be displayed using the default settings which you set on “WordPress Gallery Plugin” options page.

Example with setting width,height,effect,border_color,border_size,align

 [wpg width="400" height="200" effect="fold" border_color="c00000" border_size="5px" align="right"]

See all the available effects at Effects.

Example with setting width,height,effect,align,animSpeed,pauseTime

 [wpg width="400" height="200" effect="fold" align="right" animSpeed="500" pauseTime="3000" border_size="0px"] 

Set border_size=0px if you don’t want border for your gallery.

Available Effects Which You can use

The effect parameter can be any of the following:

  • sliceDown
  • sliceDownLeft
  • sliceUp
  • sliceUpLeft
  • sliceUpDown
  • sliceUpDownLeft
  • fold
  • fade
  • random
  • slideInRight
  • slideInLeft
  • boxRandom
  • boxRain
  • boxRainReverse
  • boxRainGrow
  • boxRainGrowReverse

[wpg_thumb] Shortcode

WordPress Gallery Plugin to display Thumbnails

One more shortcode available with this plugin is [wpg_thumb] which is used to create generate thumbnails of all the images attached to your post/page.

By using this shortcode you can create your own portfolio, product showcase easily.

Using [wpg_thumb] Shortcode

Just add [wpg_thumb] to your post/page to display thumbnails of all the images attached to your post/page.

Parameters for [wpg_thumb] Shortcode

  1. width Set Image width in pixels e.g. 125px
  2. height Set Image height in pixels e.g. 125px
  3. border_color Set Image border color in Hex e.g. 000000
  4. border_mover Set Image Mouse Over border color in Hex e.g. C00000
  5. border_size Set Border Size in Pixels e.g. 5pxIf you don’t want border then set it to 0px.
  6. link Set Link true or false
  7. lightbox Set lightbox true or false
  8. exclude By Default it is set to false if you want to exclude some images then add image ids, If you want to exclude several images then add them comma separated like e.g. ‘24,34,54’
  9. perrow Number of images to display in one row.





54 thoughts on “WordPress Gallery Plugin

  1. Hello!

    when I click on SAVE SETTINGS I get an error

    ” You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

    any suggestions?



  2. Hello there,

    I am trying to use your [WPG]Shortcode Parameters. I’d like to use serveral slideshows on the same page but each slideshow gotta contain different images. I uploaded my images and I’d like to use you “exclude” shortcode to exclude some images but I don’t succeed to make it work. Can you help me out?

  3. The slide show is showing images full size,but keeping the image window size (800×600), so I only see part of some of the images. Does it not auto scale?

  4. Hi! Love the plug-in! I’m having problems with it loading very slowly, though.. About 10 seconds… Any suggestions on what to check?

  5. Hi,
    I think it’s a great plugin, but the images won’t load?
    I upload 3 images, then save settings, then add [wpg].
    All I get is 3 dots loading..

    Any ideas?

  6. Please let me know how to exclude an image from the gallery.
    Can’t just delete it, because it used on the post.

    1. you have to add comma separated attachment id which you want to exclude like

      [wpg exclude="32,33"] 

      If i want to exclude images having attachement id’s as 32 and 33

  7. Brilliant plugin! The only thing I want to know is if it’s possible to use the plugin without using the shortcode. I want to place it in the loop manually as it needs to be in different places in the post on different pages.

  8. Hi there, I’m trying to get this working however there seems to be some weirdness occurring. I’m on WordPress 3.1.3 and my main library is Mootools, but I don’t think this should cause any conflicts. Do I need to have jQuery running by default? I’m not seeing it getting embedded in the header…

  9. Oh..right okay I needed to install jQuery and the nivo-slider assets…okay this is great! One thing though, the lightbox functionality is not working, do I need to install a specific script for this? Cheers.

    1. you not needed to include any additional javascript files like jquery or nivo slider js. i think there may be javascript errors because of which plugin is not working. can you show me website link where you added this plugin.

      1. Okay like the other parts, I had to include the ColorBox files to get the lightbox to work. One thing though, would be great if, through the lightbox, we could navigate through the photos in the gallery. It seems like this wouldn’t be too hard to implement?

  10. hi, i commented yesterday, but it didn’t seem to work, i have the plugin working on my site, but when a picture “transitions” the image seems broken, with loads of lines running through it? any idea why this could be?

    thanks for your help.

  11. Hi, why the image slideshow does not appear even though I put the shortcode template tag in theme? This is similar to issue where samit says:
    June 3, 2011 at 4:25 pm
    I am trying to use the plugin but it only showing loding animation but the images not appearing. If I click over it the image opens correctly.
    I could not sort out. Do you have any idea?

    1. show me website where you installed this plugin.

      There is one folder inside my “wordpress-gallery-plugin” with ‘cache’ as folder name. Make sure to set ‘777’ as File Permissions to this folder.

  12. I’m running the plugin but my gallery doesn’t appear – I just get the spinning circle as though it’s doing something but nothing appears.

  13. Hey, really excited about the plugin, I am just having a problem. I added the [wpg] to my post and have 3 images in my gallery for that post, but when I preview the page, the only thing that shows up is a loading bar.
    I have gone through these comments and saw that you recommend changing the cache permissions to 777, but I cant seem to find where that folder is at. Let me know. Here is my site.
    Any ideas?

    1. Login to your wordpress admin section and visit “WordPress Gallery” options page and set default settings for your gallery. Gallery is not displaying because default options are not set.

  14. Hey, I am having an issue that it seems most people on here have had. I loaded the plug-in, activated it, inserted the [wpg] into my post but when I go to preview it all I can see is the loading symbol. Any thought? It seems like a great plugin that you have made and I am really excited to get it working on my site. Thanks.

    1. Hi Brandon,

      You need to set default values for ALL of the options on the options page. I discovered this by trial and error.


  15. Is there any way to disable the automatic resizing? I want the slide show to be 960 x 560 but I do not want javascript to resize the elements inside of the slide show.

    1. Okay I worked out how to do this by giving the nivo-slider a defined width in the css. But one bug I am seeing is that even if lightbox is disabled in the admin section, it still shows when clicking the images…

  16. To set the order of the images in the gallery:

    Select the gallery tab from the image upload dialog.

    Sort the images by dragging and dropping.

    Select save changes.

    This was not very apparent to me but it works great once you know how 🙂

  17. Snilesh you’re THE man. Just registered and voted 5 stars for this plugin(im a longtime joomla user..). I’d donate a beer if money wouldnt be scarse.
    Anyway, thanks a lot. Thats the proper way to do things – with a demo, faq and the rest.

    Keep it up and wish you many satisfactions.

  18. This is a great slideshow plugin. Very simple to use yet lots of features. Thanks for developing it!
    Is there a way to put it into a sidebar?

  19. Thx for this…. perfectly fits for my need right now. the caption feature would be really awesome.
    donation send right now.

    Thx very much

  20. Hi, Nice plugin! Found a small bug for Windows-hosted instances though and wanted to share the fix. In the timthumb.php file you have

    // account for Windows directory structure
    if (strstr($_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_FILENAME’],’:’)) {
    $sub_directories = explode(‘\\’, str_replace($this->docRoot, ”, $_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_FILENAME’]));
    } else {
    $sub_directories = explode(‘/’, str_replace($this->docRoot, ”, $_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_FILENAME’]));

    But this block isn’t necessary at all. The line with the typically URL-style “/” slash serves just fine for Windows-based Apache servers. So the only needed line is this one:

    $sub_directories = explode(‘/’, str_replace($this->docRoot, ”, $_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_FILENAME’]));

  21. Thanks for this plugin, very simple. I appreciate that it generates automatic slideshows just by adding do_shortcode in a template, so you don’t have to manage picture galleries or slideshow manually like in a lot of other plugin. Just attach some picture in a post.

    My question is about number navigation: how do you make it appear with [wpg] shortcode? I seen no attribute in the shortcode parameters to differencialte dot navigation and number navigation.

    Thanks a lot for your help, I didn’t found this issue in the comments here.

  22. Hi, Fantastic plugin, just need to know how to disable the light box, i have set it to NO in the settings and it still opens..can you help please?

    Thanks in advance.

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