How to Add Redirect for Contact form 7 to thank you page

If you are using wordpress contact form 7 plugin on your website and looking for contact form 7 thank you page redirection option in admin section of contact form 7 plugin then there is no visible option present to add redirection url. You have to use additional settings option box to add redirection url.

[title line=”false” size=”h3″ icon=”icon-beaker” text=’ First Create Redirect Page’ ]
First create page where you want to redirect your contact form after submission. And copy page url you will need this url in next step.

[title line=”false” size=”h3″ icon=”icon-beaker” text=’ Snippet to Add Redirection For Contact form 7 thank you page’ ]
Now open contact form on which you want to add redirection url in your wordpress admin section, scroll down to Additional Settings and add following lines of code inside that option box.

on_sent_ok: "location.replace('');"
Contact Fomr 7 Redirect To Thank You Page Additional Settings
Contact Fomr 7 Redirect To Thank You Page Additional Settings

Replace with your website link.

[title line=”false” size=”h3″ icon=”icon-beaker” text=’ Hide Contact Form 7 Success Message’ ]
Next step you have to do is hide the default contact form 7 success message as you don’t want that now as you have a new thank you page.
Add following line inside your current themes style.css file

.wpcf7 .wpcf7-mail-sent-ok {visibility:hidden;}

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  1. Hi Nilesh,

    I have succesfully used your helpful guide a couple of weeks ago but just found out that this does not work in Internet Explorer v11. It does work in Firefox, Chrome and Safari, did you encounter this issue too?