How To Optimize Shopify To Improve Conversion

Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform which is being preferred by most of the developers around the world and it is because of its simple structure an easy availability of apps to integrate in the system to improve customer interaction within the site.

It is not important that you get good traffic in your store, butthe question is how much of it actually converts?Whatever traffic you get and from wherever (Organic, Direct, Referral) it should convert to generate a good revenue. So what can be done to your Shopify so that it converts and generate more and more revenue?

Basic Optimization done by everyone.

Shopify gives you various features to optimize for SEO like adding Title tags, Meta description, Product description, Image ALT tags and automatically generates Sitemaps which can help toease your burden.
shopify Basic Optimization done by everyone

It is also recommended that Image optimization is important and while adding images to the page make sure that image name is your keyword, it does not make a big difference but an inch is all you need to grow.

The basic optimization is generally carried out by everyone but this is not going to get you anything bigger.

Advanced Optimization Rarely Taken Care By Anyone

Customizable visual and navigational structure is easily editable in Shopify, but the most interesting part of Shopify is its App Store. The apps in Shopify allow you to improve user interaction within your site and does help with conversion. There are more than 500 apps in Shopify, but which is the best and where to use is the ultimate question.


Let’s start with Review section, it is the foremost important thing that the user checks before purchasing any product, if he found good reviews and rating then obviously the chance of conversion increases. The best app for such purpose is Yotpo: Social Product Reviews(Free), It has very simple and neat UI that attracts the most and allows a trust signal with social integration to the user and thus customer finds it helpful in taking the right decision.

yotpo product social reviews


Upselling is when you recommend the customer high price product(s) to help customer choose the best product amongst all other options. If you actually look into Amazon, Alibaba or any big eCommerce site, then you will find it running and then you can understand the power of upselling. Survey report about upselling has been a proved it well. For such purpose Product Upsell ($9.99/month) app is powerful enough to show high price products to the customers while carting. This increases the chance of selling high pricedproducts and improves conversion rate.

shopify product upsell

Social Engagement

Social engagement plays important role in building customer base for your website and offering some coupons in return increases the chance of conversion. JustUno($9/month) do the same, it’s a code free design tool which helps in engaging customers socially and offers them real time coupon codes. It is seen that such offers increases your sales and social engagementsup to 3x.
shopify just uno

Mobile and Tablet Responsive

A website is always recommended to be responsive for tablets and mobiles, butsometimesit’s really hardto run a website on small devices. It is seen that more than 50% users try to access a website through mobile or tablets and websites who does not run well on small screens have a really low conversion rate.ShopPad(Free)works well in that support and optimize your site for Mobiles and Tablets, thus increases the chance of conversion.

shopify shop pad

Zoomed Images

The product imageis the most powerfulpart of your product page and 92.6% of people think that images or videos are the top influential factor affecting the purchase decision. Showing images in with zoom in or out facility, helps the users to understand the product more deeply and leads to a good shopping experience. Scope ($49)does the same and allows customers to analyze the product easily and thus helps in conversion.



It is very much effective, if you add the product video on the page. It not only helps in improving shopping but also gain trust and would be easy for the customer to decide. Dynavi Video Manager(Free)

Lets you add videos and display thumbnail in the image gallery. It also helps to collect data about customer engagement with your product video.

Referral Program

Referral program is very much effective for conversion. Once a customer refers someone to your site and if it converts then you can offer some reward points or coupon code, but this complete work is quite hard to manage if done by some hard coding. Shopify gives you the best here with app store again, ReferralCandy (Custom) helps you to add customers to your referral program with their automated mails and referral pages. You can set reward points when customer successfully refers someone and it converts. It’s a great way to increase sales and building up customers.

Improve Customer

A customer always seeksan advice and have lots of queries before purchasing any product.Providing a personal assistance gives a unique shopping experience and helps in gaining trust with your support. Olark($243/month)helps your customer to get personal chat and you can give them better advice or an attractive offer.

Such feature to users helps in gaining trust and building long term customers. Timely help atproduct carting can significantly improve the chance of conversion.


Reminder and Wishlist

Offer to create wishlist can be a great use, if you send a reminder about the products that customer put in wishlist then chance of revisiting and product sales increases. Whishlist and Reminder ($5/month) app sends an automatic mail to the visitors in a timely manner which intends to catch them and it’s a surefire way to increase your sale.

Exit Offers

It is the most interesting part to improve conversion, Just show some interesting offers to your visitors when they’re about to leave your website. Discount offers, free shipping or anything that you can offer, could be a catchy way to grab your visitors. Exit Offer($9.99/month) app helps in customizing your offers at the exit time and keep your visitors to go around get involved with other product offers. This app not only improves conversion, but significantly improves website bounce rate and increases Avg time on site.

These are the best ways that can help to optimize your Shopify Online Store and can take your online store to a new level.
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