WordPress 3.2 features

WordPress 3.2 is now available to the world, both as an update in your dashboard and a download on WordPress.org.

The focus for this release was making WordPress faster and lighter. The first thing you’ll notice when you log in to 3.2 is a refreshed dashboard design that tightens the typography, design, and code behind the admin.

Whats New in WordPress 3.2

1] WordPress 3.2 Minimum Requirements

Major Change in WordPress 3.2 they officially drops support for older versions of PHP and MySQL. So PHP4 and MySql 4 will no longer supported by wordpress 3.2

WordPress 3.2 doesn’t actually do anything that requires PHP 5, so it is a first step in that direction. Moving to PHP 5 and MySQL 5 means that future versions of WordPress can be lighter, take advantage of more new features and be better optimized for performance.

2] No Browser Support to IE6

When you login to your wordpress admin using IE6 you will see new warning screen saying “You are an insecure Browser”. You can still use wordpress dashboard using IE6 but it won’t look good.

3] New TwentyEleven WordPress Theme

Twenty Eleven is the default theme for WordPress in 2011. There are tons of really cool improvements and features packed into it — more Post Formats, beautiful new header images, alternate color schemes and layouts, even custom link colors.

Wordpress TwentyEleven Theme

All those features add up to the best part of Twenty Eleven: just how customizable it is. It looks great as a blog, a showcase of all your posts, and even a tumblelog or photolog.

4] New Writing Mode

WordPress 3.2 comes with new writing mode in full screen. When you enter in full screen mode you can write your posts or pages without any distraction.

Wordpress 3.2 FullScreen Mode

5] New Dashboard Look

WordPress 3.2 comes with new dashboard look. For more details of design changes check following posts.

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