WordPress 3.4 Features

WordPress 3.4 finally released. WordPress team dubbed this release “Green” in honor of guitarist Grant Green. WordPress 3.4 release comes with new features and changes.

New WordPress 3.4 Features

Live Theme Previews

WordPress 3.4 released with live theme features using which you can try new themes or change your current themes, you can use preview mode to customize your current theme.

WordPress 3.4 Live Preview

Custom Headers

Using new custom header option you can set height of the headers. After this release themes will provide a recommended image size for custom headers rather than a fixed requirement.

Twitter Embeds

Embed individual tweets in posts using new wordpress 3.4 embed feature. It includes action links that allow readers to reply to, retweet, and favorite the tweet without leaving your site. Just paste a tweet URL on its own line. WordPress also supports for other websites url embeds

Twitter Embed Screen

Better Captions

HTML support has been added to the caption field in the image uploader. Which allows you to add links — great for photo credits or licensing details — and basic formatting such as bold and italicized text.

Other WordPress 3.4 Features

1] Faster WP_Query
2] Faster Translations
3] Improvements to Themes API
4] Custom Header and Background API
5] XML-RPC API Improvements
6] New External Libraries added

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