WordPress News Ticker Plugin

WordPress News Ticker plugin is a jquery based wordpress plugin which is used to display wordpress post with fading effect.

Steps For Using this Plugin

1] Download Latest Release from WordPress News Ticker Plugin
2] Unzip the file.
3] Upload the “wordpress-news-ticker-plugin” folder to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory. (DO NOT CHANGE ANY FILE OR FOLDER NAMES)
4] Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
5] Add the folowing code anywhere within your theme where you want the content gallery to be displayed:

<?php include (ABSPATH . '/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-news-ticker-plugin/news_ticker.php'); ?>

Updating Options

Login to wp-admin and you can find “WordPress News Ticker” inside Settings tabs.
Go to that page then you can manage all the options of this plugin from that page.

1] News Ticker Width in Pixels:

You can specify width of the news ticker here.

2] News Ticker Box Border in Pixels:

You can specify border of the news ticker box

3] News Ticker Border Color:

You can specify border Color of the news ticker in HEX like #b00000

4] News Ticker Heading Color (use #hex or specify color name) :

You can specify News Ticker Heading Color of the news ticker in HEX like #b00000

5] News Ticker Category Selection :

You can select here either here to show latest post in the news ticker or from specific category.
If you select the latest post checkbox then latest post will be showed in the news ticker. And if you dont then posts from specific category will be displayed.

6] Number of posts in News Ticker :

You can specify here number of post that will be displayed in the news ticker. By default only 3 visible at a time. and It will rotate in the number of posts.

7] Image Settings:

If you dont want to show images in the News Ticker area then just uncheck the checkbox.

8] Default Image Settings:

By default First image from post is resized and displayed in the news ticker area for each post. If you dont have image in your post then the default image will be displayed. You can set your default image by entering full path of the image.

If you have any suggestion and Bugs then please send comments in this post so I can update this plugin. As this is first Version of this plugin.

Demo – WordPress News Ticker Plugin

[button text=”Demo” icon=”icon-flag” type=”btn-custom” size=”btn-large” url=”https://snilesh.com/blog/blog” bg_color=”#1BC4DE” bg_hover_color=”#00b3ce” txt_color=”#ffffff” txt_hover_color=”#cef8ff”] [button text=”Download” icon=”icon-flag” type=”btn-custom” size=”btn-large” url=”https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-news-ticker-plugin/” bg_color=”#1BC4DE” bg_hover_color=”#00b3ce” txt_color=”#ffffff” txt_hover_color=”#cef8ff”]


  1. Hi,
    Is it possible to slow the time between transitions on the news ticker?

    1. HI Ollie,

      Open news_ticker.php file inside the “wordpress-newsticker-plugin” folder to slow the speed you have to edit the variables ate line number 10 and 11

              var speed = 700;
      	var pause = 3500;

      you have to increase the pause value something like 5000 so it will slow down the newsticker.

  2. Thnaks Snilesh, I tried this though and the ticker doesn’t slow. Does WP have a cache that I need to refresh? Sorry am new to WP.

  3. Hi Snilesh

    I’m new to WP and dont know how to change the height and width of the news ticker I know you do this with css but can’t find it with in your code.

    1. Wait for one more week. next version will be updated to this plugin

  4. Hi mel,
    Sorry i was too much busy in my work. I am updating this plugin. next version will be released in next week.

  5. jaiganesh says:

    demo is not working….

    1. yep, thanks for your comment. i am working on that to create one demo..

  6. I tried to change the header and border color to red by using a #hex in the settings and it didn’t work?

  7. Question: After it runs through, it stops. How can it continue to repeat? Great job!

    1. I will check that. I am working on a new version of this plugin.

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